Locating Blockages In Your Body
Unlike other hijama practitioners who place a cup here and there following a chart, Amin Shah has the intuitive ability to feel your body and pinpoint exactly where the blockages are specific to you. These blockages are contractions in the tissues, and they hold dirty blood in them. They disrupt normal blood circulation and are painful when pressed deeply. Amin Shah finds these blockages and then breaks them up and pulls out the dirty blood embedded in them. Normal blood circulation is restored and the person gains a much better level of health. Many clients tell Amin Shah, “You find the sore spots in my body that I myself didn’t know about.” In addition, Amin Shah also has the intuitive ability to look into the emotional aspects that is causing your ailments, and resolving those issues.

HijamaHerbs For Men  & Women 
All Hijama and healing treatments for men is performed personally by Amin Shah. He is the Hijama Master with years of experience. He is also in-training as a Master Herbalist, and has been trained in Energy Healing. Hijama for women is performed by sis Nusrat.

Hygienic Procedure 
Since Hijama involves blood, we follow strict hygienic procedures. To make the incisions (cuts), we use fresh lancets (blades) on each client. Used blades are immediately disposed off after each patient. All cups are sterilized overnight before use. We use a natural antiseptic lotion on cuts so as to heal quickly and prevent infection. We also wear rubber gloves and perform Hijama in a clean sanitary environment.

By Appointment Only   
You must call ahead and speak directly to Amin Shah or Nusrat Shah to set up your appointment. Please describe your health condition, along with any pain or discomfort you are feeling. If its an emotional issue you are trying to find relief from, explain to us the condition. Pick your choice of HijamaHerbs treatment. All this info must be communicated to us before-hand so we can prepare for your treatment accordingly. On the day of your appointment, please call ahead to confirm your appointment. Arrive on time with a light stomach, but with enough energy to for the treatment.

When you come in, you will be given a “Intake Form” to fill up. Its important for us to know your health condition before we perform Hijama on you. If you are taking medications of recently had surgery, please fill up the form accordingly. You must also sign the form giving us consent to perform Hijama on you.

We accept cash and credit cards. Please make the payment before the treatment is performed.

To make an appointment for your HijamaHerbs session, contact:

Amin Shah
Boston, MA – USA
Phone 617-787-5151