Eidul Fitr Mubarak 2017

Wishing all the Muslims everywhere Eidul Fitr Mubarak! May Allah accept our fasting and prayers in this month of Ramadan, and grant us peace and prosperity. And may He remove our sickness, and grant us all good health.







Eid is meant to be a day of celebration and enjoyment for Muslim. After the Eid prayer in the morning, do things that are fun and enjoyable for you and your family, especially the young kids. Invite friends over to your place or go visit friends at their place and enjoy a good meal together.

Also, don’t forget to pay your zakatul fitr, latest before the morning of Eid prayer. It is compulsory to be paid for each Muslim alive, even if they are an infant or underage kids. For instance, for a Muslim family of 6, comprising father, mother, 2 high school kids and one kindergarten child and one baby, the breadwinner of the family (normally father) would pay 6 counts of zakatul fitr. The usual amount is about $10-$15 per person. Zakatul fitr is usually collected by the masjids, and distributed to the poor and needy Muslims so they too can celebrate Eid joyfully with the rest of us.

Jazakullahu Khair.