Emotional Trauma – How It Affects Your Health

Many people believe health ailments are purely physical. When people have a headache, they believe something went wrong with their head, and they need to fix the head. When people have joint pain, they believe something went wrong with the joint, and they need to fix the joint.

 The fact is your emotional state is a major contributor to your health issues. Case in point – I had a woman who came to see me complaining about knee pain. I took one look at her and intuitively sensed that both her legs were weak energetically. I told her, “Your legs are weak. Emotionally, that means your foundation (family) is weak. Is there something going on in your family that is disturbing you?

From an emotional standpoint, leg problems may indicate you are very set in your ways and stubbornly cling on to your old ways, and feeling resistant to make the necessary changes as your life’s circumstances change. You may have been held to high expectations since childhood. You are feeling drained and disempowered by people who depend on you and yet you feel you have to carry on the weight of your family’s responsibilities.

She told me that her husband is good to her, so there is no problems there. I probed further asking, “What about your family back home, how are you with them?”

She immediately blurted out, “Oh, I am very worried about my brother. He has some heart palpitations and now its getting worse. And I’m also very worried about my younger sister. Her marriage proposal went through and I’m anxious if she will ever get married.”

She went on to talk about other family members and their problems. I could clearly see her emotional state as she was talking about it. She looked so animated as though she was the one having all these problems.

I told her, “That’s the problem. Those things from your family are affecting you so much that it has weakened your legs.”

She admitted, “Yes, I am very much affected by my family members condition. I am stressed out by their situation.”

I told her, “Its good thing to have concern for your family members and emphasize with their situation. But if take on their energy, then it will affect your health, and your health will suffer and that’s not a good thing.”

She continued, “I just can’t help myself. I feel so much for them as I’m the oldest in the family. But I don’t want to lose my health either. What should I do?”

I informed her, “There are ways to do that, and I can guide you. We have emotional counseling sessions that can resolve your emotional trauma and clear them. By clearing your emotional trauma, your physical ailments will also heal and you can be healthy again.”

Cancer patients who underwent the medical treatment of radiation and chemotherapy find that all the cancer cells had been removed. The doctor tells them that they are now free of cancer. But few months later, the cancer reappears. What happened? That is because though the cancer cells have been removed physically, but the negative emotions (anger and rage) are still stuck in the tissues and have not been resolved and cleared. These negative emotions corrupt the body cells again and the cancer reappears.

Recently, I had a husband who brought his wife to see me. The wife had cancer. The husband was explaining her condition to me, saying, “She had cancer last year. The doctors performed radiation and chemotherapy. And they said, “You can go home now, we have removed all the cancer cells.”

But in less than 2 months, the cancer has reappeared, and this time it spread quickly to other parts of her body.”

What happened? The reason is that although doctors had removed her cancer cells and fixed the problem physically. But the negative emotions were still there, stuck in the tissues of her body. They didn’t clear those negative emotions. The negative emotions corrupted the cells and the cancer reappeared.

85% of All Diseases Have An Emotional Component
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that 85% of all diseases have an emotional component. The health problems we are facing now, and the diseases that may be lurking in our futures, are a direct manifestation of the emotional traumas we have lived through and how we have chosen to react to them.

Our culture teaches us to suppress our emotions, and there are a lot of negative feelings of resentment, anger or depression that may be brewing under the surface. And then there are the events that are out of our control, such as the death of a loved one, that leave us reacting emotionally, and understandably so.

Medical experts have determined that emotional trauma is a major cause of heart attacks. According to Dr. David Holt, when animals, including humans, are threatened by territorial loss, such as losing a loved one, your home, or your financial security, your coronary arteries undergo structural changes that put your heart in danger.

Emotional trauma is a major cause of many diseases such as heart attacks, arthritis and cancer. Everyone goes through devastating incidents in life. However, if they don’t overcome the emotional shock and keep clinging to the negative emotions, these emotions can lead to weakening of internal organs and give rise to diseases. Its important to resolve the negative emotions and clear them.

When we first experience the shock of stress our bodies go into “fight” mode, and our arteries expand to make room for increased blood flow. Once the conflict is resolved or stabilized, our cholesterol rises to patch up the cracks in our arteries. It is during the restorative phase that heart attack is most likely to occur.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., the man behind the German New Medicine (GNM), was inspired to uncover the link between emotional healing and disease when he lost his son in an unexpected tragedy and subsequently developed testicular cancer. He analyzed the history of ALL of his cancer patients and discovered a common factor: Each of them had experienced a stressful event prior to developing cancer.

Investigating other diseases, Dr. Hamer found that the variable of emotional stress was a constant in every one. This led him to conclude that every disease is controlled by a designated area of the brain and activated by its own unique “conflict shock.”

Ups and downs are inevitable, but the way you choose to handle stress and trauma is completely in your hands. For instance, the severity of a heart attack depends upon the length of the emotional conflict that set the attack off.

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