Have A Baffling Health Condition?

If truth be told, 95% of the people who come to our HijamaHerbs practice are people who have a health condition that baffles most people. Case in point: A few weeks ago, a young couple came to see me. The man said he has a terrible pain on his mid back, near his shoulder blades, and asked if I can help him.

I pressed on his points to check for the blockages in his body and tracked the “path of pain”, as I usually do. Then I told him that I may be able help him. He said, “Good, I have been to the doctors several times, and they ran all their tests but couldn’t find anything wrong with me. After a few times of seeing the doctor, he got upset and told me to get out of his office as he thought I was just playing around and wasting his time.” The wife said desperately, “Please help my husband as he has not slept for 4 nights due to the pain.”

Doctors only test for physical symptoms. When running tests, If their machines don’t register anything they will tell their patient that there is nothing wrong with them, and that its all just in their head. Unfortunately, the patient still feels the pain and wonders what to do about it. Sometimes, the doctor may be able to find the problem, but in their world, it may be a condition that’s been labeled as incurable, such as migraines or sciatica. In this case, they would give painkillers to reduce the pain, but that does not heal the ailment. On the other hand, we test for 3 levels of pain – physical, emotional and sihr/jinn. And the treatment is done accordingly. And we believe that all ailments are curable (Hadith, Bukhari 7:582). Some people have the knowledge and some don’t.

After I tracked the path of pain on the man, I proceeded to press the points where the blockages were with my hands. The man said he was already feeling quite relieved, even though I had not started hijama on him yet.

After pressing the points with my hands, I started putting the cups and performed hijama. When I was done, he said the pain is gone and that he is feeling much better.

I then told him, “Your pain is not only physical but it has an emotional component to it. It seems you are worried and stressed out about some matter that has to do with your work.”

He quickly blurted out, “Oh yes, I am very worried about my visa situation. I have a job interview coming up but not sure if my visa is going to be approved or not. Without the visa, they are not going to employ me. So I’m very worried about it”.

I told him, “That’s the reason for the pain in your back.” I continued on, “Though we have resolved your physical pain with hijama, you now have to resolve the emotional pain that coming from the worry about your visa.”

He asked, “How would I do that? I can’t stop worrying about it. My mind keeps on worrying.”

I told him, “You are in control on your mind, not the other way around.”

I informed him that we provide sessions in emotional healing and he may want to look into that. 

Leg pain is one of the commonest reason people come to see us. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down through the leg. Sciatic pain refers to pain running down this pathway. The pain can make it hard to walk and perform normal daily functions. In some severe cases, it can even interfere with bladder control.

In another case, a man was calling me repeatedly saying his wife has pain in her legs. She has been to the doctors and they have given her painkillers but it didn’t work. He said the night before, her wife was unable to sleep due to the pain, and spent most of the night walking around.

When he came in with his wife to see me, I pressed the points on her leg to track the path of pain. Then I showed the points to my wife, Nusrat who performed hijama on those points. After the completion of the treatment, the woman walked away feeling much better. And the husband was grateful that we were able to solve his wife’s baffling health condition.

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