Our Herbs                                                                                                                                     All herbs used in our herbal remedies are made from 100% plant ingredients. Our herbal remedies come in two sealed pouch containing 100 veg capsules. Take 2 capsules  3 times a day preferably after breakfast, lunch and dinner until the packet is finished. To assure freshness of herbs, complete taking the capsules within 4 months of purchase.  Price of our herbals is $20.

herbal capsules pic

1) Senna Flush                                                                      

2) Liver & Gallbladder                                                                                       

3) Kidney                                                                                                                       

4) Blood Purifier                                                                                                 

5) Pancreas Rebuilder                                                                                 

6) Stomach Gas Cleanser                                                               

7) Digestion  Aid                                                                                           

8) Amla-C                                                                                             

9) Alkaline Greens                                                                                      

10) Homone Precursors                                                                 

11)  Adrenals Energy                                                         

12)  Hair Root Strength    

13) Eyesight Improvement                                                       

14) Anti-Inflammation Herbs                                                                

15) Blood Sugar Stabilizer

16) Blue-Green Superfood                                                             

17)  Testosterone Enhancer                                                          

18) Women’s Reproductive

If you are doing Hijama, we provide packets of herbs suitable for your condition. These are provided FREE of charge, and they come in a 60-capsule packets. HijamaHerbs Basic comes with 1 packet of herbs for your particular health condition. HijamaHerbs Intensive comes with 2 packets of herbs. HijamaHerbs Emotional comes with 3 packets of herbs,