HijamaHerbs Health Evaluation

Got a health condition that the doctors can’t seem to help you with? Don’t despair. You can speak to us on the phone at no charge. Phone consultations are always FREE. Health conditions can include physical, emotional and sihr/jinn ailments.

If you prefer to come in for a face to face consultation, you are welcome to do so. When you come in, we will perform a more detailed health evaluation. In this session, we will find the blockages in your body that’s giving rise to that health condition. And we will track the path of pain. We are check the level of functioning of your internal organs such as kidneys, liver, heart, etc to see if there is any weakness in them. We will also give you our recommendations on the course of action to resolve your health problem, to the best of our ability. This health evaluation session costs $40. If you decide to do the treatment with us, that payment is applied to the cost of treatment.

For your pressing health problems, come in for a HijamaHerbs health evaluation where we will find the blockages in your body and track its path of pain. Also the functioning of your internal organs. And we will give you our recommendations on resolving the health condition

Pain Is Due To Blockages
Pain you feel in your body is an effective warning sign for ailments. Pain is the message that your body is telling you that there is something wrong, and you need to pay attention to this matter.

As long as energy and blood flows freely and smoothly without hindrance or obstruction, there is no pain in the body.  However, if, due to any reason, the flow of energy and blood is hindered, blocked, obstructed, or does not flow freely, then there will be pain.

A blockage can occur in any location in the human body. Symptoms of a blockage shows up as a slowing of the flow of energy and blood. Thus, when there is a blockage, the local metabolism slows down and the body structure becomes less energetic. This slow-down makes the local body systems less capable of removing chemical waste by blood or lymph and causes further deposition of chemical waste in the same area. These activities will repeat themselves indefinitely.

When the energy level falls below a certain threshold, the onset of a chronic illness is near. If it is not treated, the condition will worsen over time. For example: Healthy muscles should have a very relaxed and soft muscle tone. A joint should not be enlarged. If you discover that your elbow is enlarged and your muscle is hardened, it will be painful if you press on it. These symptoms indicate a blockage in your elbow.

There are two main causes of the lack of free flow of the energy and blood.  Either something is hindering, blocking or obstructing the smooth and uninhibited flow of energy and blood through the channels and vessels, or there is insufficient energy and blood to maintain smooth and free flow.

With any physical or emotional illness, blockages will be found somewhere in the body. These blockages may or may not occur next to the troubled organ or structure. Once the blockages are opened and removed, our body will restore the flow of energy back to its normal pattern, resulting in the curing of illness. Opening a blockage results in pumping out the dirty blood from the blockage points. To open the blockages in the body, stimulation is required. This can be accomplished with hijama. Once stimulation is supplied, the body will move more energy and blood to the particular point and enable the body to move the waste out.

In the first case, lack of free flow is likened to a plug of hair and soap in a drainpipe.  The water from the sink cannot flow freely because something is physically obstructing the pipe.  In the second case, either there is insufficient energy to push the blood or insufficient blood to nourish the vessels.  It is the function of the vessels to promote the flow of blood.  If the vessels do not obtain sufficient blood, they cannot fulfill this function, and, therefore, the blood will cease to flow freely within them.

All pain, are due to problems with free flow of energy and blood.  As such, our first job is to find out the reason for the blockages in your body. And our second job is to provide the treatment which restores that free flow.

The flow of energy and blood can become inhibited in any and every area of the body:  the internal organs, the muscles, the head, the low back, and the extremities and joints.  For example, when we overeat and have acute indigestion with the accompanying sensations of abdominal fullness, bloating, and distention, these symptoms are due to the stagnation of stomach energy. In this case, the stomach energy cannot move freely through the excessive amount of food and drink in the stomach. 

Likewise, when we bruise ourselves and blood escapes from the blood vessels and then pools, we experience a mild form of blood stagnation, often called dirty blood.  We feel better and become free of symptoms when the energy and blood resume their proper functioning and flow freely.

The sensations of pain due to energy stagnation and dirty blood are different.  Energy stagnation causes a feeling of distention or soreness that fluctuates in intensity and location. Energy stagnation pain often occurs with strong emotional changes.  Dirty blood, on the other hand, is characterized by painful swelling or stabbing sharp pain at a specific, fixed location.

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