Natural Healing for Psychosomatic Ailments

Yesterday, I had a young man who came to see me with his wife. Earlier, his wife had frantically called me several times saying her husband has intense pain on his mid-back and couldn’t sleep due to the pain. When he came in, he said he couldn’t sleep for the past 4 nights and asked if hijama can help his condition.

I checked his points on his mid-back to find the “path of pain”, as I usually do. After my examination, I told him that hijama can indeed help relieve his pain. And I further informed him that his back pain is actually brought by emotional reasons. When I told that to him, he was astonished and asked for more clarification. I told him this is what is known as psychosomatic disorders whereby the physical ailment is due to emotional triggers like stress and anxiety.

Your neck and shoulder pain may not be coming from physical source like herniated disc, pinched nerve or bulging disc. It may be coming from an emotional source like worry, stress and anxiety. This is what is known as psychosomatic ailments. Psychosomatic ailments are not fake illness. However, many doctors are not well versed in treating these ailments, and they tell their patients its “all in your head”, and send them home without any resolution.

Psychosomatic ailments are caused by emotional stresses that manifest as physical diseases without physical causes. Some of the common psychosomatic ailments includes chest pain, irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomach, muscle aches, tension headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, hyperventilation or panic attacks, colitis and ulcers, and even infertility.

Psychosomatic ailments are not fake ailments. Unfortunately, most physicians are not well versed in these ailments because they are mostly stuck in treating physical ailment. Also, the tests administered by the physicians often come back negative. This has led some physicians to tell their patients that psychosomatic illnesses are “all in their head.”

Though the root cause may be emotional, the disease and symptoms are very real. The pain from these ailments may be reduced when medical drugs and painkillers are taken. But their effect is temporary, and the pain is likely to return unless the underlying emotional cause is addressed and resolved. 

Common Causes of Psychosomatic Ailments|
1. Conflict
A conflict occurs when you feel you want to do one thing, but you ought to do the opposite. You’re pulled in two directions, and that takes a lot of energy.

Ask yourself, “Do I feel like there is a conflict going on inside me? Do I feel like I’m being pulled in two different directions.

2. Ulterior Motive
A person can have a symptom because it seems to solve a problem. For instance, an executive may get sore throat when its time to make his presentation in front of clients because he has not fully prepared his presentation.

Ask yourself, “Am I feeling sick because I am trying to avoid some responsibility?”

Feeling down on yourself can be the result from a past negative experience. If, as a child, you were criticized by your friends, you may grow up to be an introverted adult who can’t speak up for yourself. This is because the past negative experience is still affecting you. This past negative memory needs to be revisited and a new perspective needs to formed in a positive way so you are no longer controlled by your past.

3. Past Negative Experience
A negative experience in the past can still affect a person. It leaves an imprint in the mind and body. For instance, an adult gets terrified when a small puppy runs in front of him at the park. In the past, as a child a big dog jumped at the child and bit him.

Ask yourself, “Do I feel like I am being affected by a past negative experience?”

4. Identification
Identification occurs when there is a strong emotional attachment to another person who had or has the same symptom. Often, this person is dead or dying.

Ask yourself, “Am I identifying with someone who had the same symptom?

5. Self-Punishment
Sometimes a discomforting symptom can seem necessary to compensate for a feeling of guilt. Your mind dispenses this as a form of self-punishment.

Ask yourself, “Is this symptom that I am having a form of self-punishment for guilt that I’m carrying

HijamaHerbs for Healing Psychosomatic Ailments
HijamaHerbs now offers an effective healing method for resolving psychosomatic ailments using regression hypnotherapy. This safe and practical method can clear your emotional issues and bring about long-lasting relief in a natural way.

There are many memories stored deep inside the mind still affecting our lives negatively. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to help people access those buried memories. People with psychosomatic ailments have in their subconscious mind that still play a significant role in everyday life.

Hypnotic Regression is the process by which you enter a trance and recall material from deep inside that is normally not available to the conscious mind.

Hypnosis enables the mind to travel more easily across the dimension of time. Regression is the process by which you are guided back through time to particular events that need to be examined. You are suggested to travel back through the years to recall specific memories.

Regression hypnotherapy offered by HijamaHerbs can help resolve emotional issues by bringing you back to past memories and remove their charge or negative effects, so you are no longer affected by them and can be free from them so you can go on to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

It can help you remember specific details of an event or even better, to observe it objectively and to understand its meaning and significance. It certainly can be a very powerful psychological tool to dive into the deeper parts of the mind.

Through a trance we can open the door to the unconscious mind and help find the conflicts, turmoil, hidden pain, expose the obstacles, the self sabotage, and reveal the invisible connections between events and feelings.  

Regression hypnotherapy can eliminate unwanted and unnecessary problems in your mind that block you from enjoying a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

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