New “Partial Treatment” Makes Healing More Affordable

We are introducing a new service to help more people gain access to the beneficial healings of HijamaHerbs. Our new Partial Treatment service works like this. When you come in, I will ask you what kind of pain or health condition you are suffering from. Then I will press on various points in your body to determine where the blockages are. And I will track the path of pain. Based on my findings, I will give you my recommendations on what level of service would be beneficial for your condition and our price for the full treatment.

 Lets say you are suffering from headaches. And I find that you have blockages in your head and neck pain.  The path of pain runs down your shoulders, upper back and spinal cord. Our full treatment price is $300. However, if you can only afford $200, then instead of doing the full treatment, you can choose to do a partial treatment. In this case, I can perform hijama on the head and neck only. The benefit of partial treatment is that it can bring relief to your most pressing health condition while still staying within your budget. Perhaps later you can do the full treatment to get lasting relief. Partial treatments start from $120 upwards.

With partial treatments at HijamaHerbs, you can have hijama done at an affordable price. instead of going for full treatment at full price, partial treatments can fit your budget. Partial treatments allows you to have hijama performed on your most urgent pain or health condition. However, if you are looking for lasting pain relief, it is always better to go for the full treatment.

If you had never had hijama done before due to cost constraints, now is a good time to experience the benefits of HIjamaHerbs with partial treatments.

Here are some benefits of getting a HijamaHerbs session:

–          Effective relief for all kinds of bodily pain including migraine headaches, frozen shoulders, lower back pain, sciatic leg pain, chest pain, etc.

–          Hygienic process using disposal lancets, sterialized cups, gloves, antiseptic solution, etc. to prevent infections

–          Courteous and friendly practitioners who care for your healing

–          Beneficial for both men and women. Hijama for men is performed by Amin Shah, and hijama for women performed is by Nusrat Shah

–          FREE herbs provided for your condition with each HijamaHerbs session

–          Over 9 years experience in treating ailments with hijama and herbs

Hijama is an effective remedy for all kinds of bodily aches and pain. By removing the dirty blood from blockages in the body, blood circulation is improved and health is restored. Now with partial treatments offered by HIjamaHerbs, it makes it affordable for most people to gain access to this beneficial prophetic healing.

To schedule an HijamaHerbs appointment or to ask any health questions, call Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email –