Psychological Effects of Jinn Afflictions

One of the most damaging effects of Jinn affliction is that the Jinn is able to transmit his thoughts and feelings to the person. The Jinn utilizes the brain of the person to come up with strange and harmful ideas. Unfortunately, the person assumes these ideas are from his own thinking, and goes on to act on them.

Some time ago, I met a person who was walking with crutches. This person had volunteered to help with masjid activities. Becoming good friends with him, one day I asked him what happened to his legs. He told me that he used to have good legs before the incident. I asked, “What incident?”

One of the most damaging effects of Jinn affliction is that the Jinn is able to transmit his thoughts and feelings to the person. When bad thoughts arise in your mind, always figure out if this is the truth or simply bad thoughts from the Jinn.

He explained that he started to hear voices that was saying he had been gifted with special powers. It made him feel that he is a 7 ft, Caucasian man, very handsome with straight long blonde hair, blue-eyed, muscle bound superhero like you see in sci-fi movies. In reality, he was a short, skinny African-American man.

The voice also urged him to jump off a tall building to prove to himself that he could fly like a superhero. This voice went on playing in his head for weeks, until one day he decided to do it. He went up to a 6-storey medical building and walked off the roof and jumped.

Tragically, he found he could not fly like the voice said. He landed on both feet, smashing his knee joints and permanently damaging his bladder and urinary tract. Not only could he not walk normally, his bladder had busted and could not hold his urine. He had to wear men diapers for the rest of his life.

Its goes to show the damaging psychological effect of Jinn affliction. When a Jinn is in a person, he transmits his thoughts and feelings to the person. This happens naturally because they share the same body. The person thinks it is his thoughts without understanding what is happening to him.

The person will feel what the Jinn feels, likes what the Jinn likes, hates what the Jinn hates, gets angry at what the Jinn hates, get afraid at what the Jinn gets afraid, and does not bear what the Jinn doesn’t bear.

The person may even have homosexual desires, if the Jinn inside the person is a Jinn of the opposite sex. For instance, if the person is a male and the Jinn inside him is a female, the female Jinn will repel other women from coming close to “her man”. The female jinn may find other men attractive, and this may the man feel attracted to other men, giving rise to homosexual tendencies.

Why Homosexuality is on the Rise
Recently I had a client who came to our HijamaHerbs practice saying he has been afflicted by Jinn. I asked him how come he is so sure. He replied, “I am very sure, in fact I also know this is a female Jinn.”

When I asked how come he is so sure that he has a female jinn, he replied, “This female jinn is so possessive of me that she doesn’t even allow my wife to come close to me for intimate relations. Whenever my wife comes close to me, this female Jinn gets so jealous that she gives me pain in my private part.”

One reason given for the rise in homosexuality is due to Jinn affliction. When a female Jinn gets into a man, she repels other women and instead find other men attractive to her. Unfortunately the man thinks this is his thinking and acts accordingly.

He continued, “I know why homosexuality is on the rise.” I asked why.

He replied, “Its all because of these Jinns, when a female Jinn gets into a man, she makes him dislike other women. Instead the female Jinn likes to look at other men. So the man also starts to like other men. Not because he likes other men, but the Jinn puts the thought into his mind because that’s what the female Jinn like. Unfortunately the man thinks this is his thoughts.”

How To Protect Yourself From Bad Thoughts of the Jinn
If you have been afflicted with Jinn and are suffering from bad thoughts, there is a remedy to help yourself. Don’t fall prey for the bad thoughts of the Jinn. Some people have even committed suicide because the Jinn put those thoughts in the person’s head.

You must first of all recognize that the bad thoughts and emotions are coming from the Jinn, and not from you. And just as the Jinn can transmit his thoughts and emotions to a person, you can also transmit your thoughts and emotions to the Jinn.

As soon as you notice the Jinn is putting bad thoughts into your head, you use common sense and logic to contradict what the Jinn is saying and point out the truth.

For instance, if the wife has been afflicted by a male Jinn, and the Jinn is saying bad things about her husband, she should tell herself, “No, that’s not right. He is my husband and I love him. He is good to me and I would not leave him for anyone else. I will follow the orders of Allah and be a good wife to my husband.” Don’t allow the Jinn to say another word.

If the Jinn is putting bad thoughts about your husband or wife, don’t give in and follow along. Refute the bad thoughts with logic and reasoning.

Doing this will considerably weaken the Jinn and strengthen the person. And she would have got rid of one of the most harmful effects of Jinn affliction – harmful thoughts and emotions.

Also recite Quran and make zikir abundantly. This will continue to weaken the Jinn and burn it.