Putting Yourself On The Journey Towards Healing

Some time ago, I had an older gentleman who came to see me for help  with his ailments. He was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, lower back pain and sciatic pain in his legs. After finding the blockages in his body and tracking the path of pain, I gave him my recommendations on the level of service that would be beneficial for his condition. But he responded saying, “Just the Basic is enough for me.”

When undergoing treatment for difficult ailments, it is important to take the appropriate level of treatment. Cutting corners on your treatment will only lengthen the time of suffering with the pain. Also, it is necessary to take the long view towards recovery. Realistically, it is going to take some time and multiple sessions of hijama and herbs before full healing is accomplished. We need to look at it as a journey towards healing, not as a one shot cheap quick fix.

Healing from difficult ailments take time. It also takes the appropriate level of treatment with hijama and herbs for your condition. At HijamaHerbs, we always do a health evaluation first by finding the blockages and tracking the path of pain, and we give our recommendations on what level of treatment would be beneficial for your condition. And we also tell you the number of sessions you need and the time needed in your journey towards healing.

Some people seem to have an unrealistic expectation about attaining healing. They come in thinking they are going to do hijama once and at the lowest level of treatment, and think they will be cured of all their ailments that they have had for the past 10 years.

And if that one session didn’t cure them of their ailment in one shot, they write it off saying, “hijama didn’t work for me.” In actuality, they themselves sabotaged their success with hijama by not coming to it with realistic expectations and doing the right level of treatment and taking the necessary time to recover.  

Because hijama is mentioned by the Prophet, they think it is a “miracle cure”, which will magically erase their ailments. Yes, it is true that the Prophet mentioned hijama and encouraged it as a healing for all people, but there are methods and guidelines to be followed to get its true benefits.

Just as the Prophet had mentioned about black seed which he said is a cure for all diseases. That doesn’t mean if people gulped down 2 capsules of black seed oil one time, they will be cured of all kinds of diseases instantly. There is a method and guideline on how much of it to take and over what length of time to take in order to achieve full healing.

Spiritual practices such as prayers and making dua play a significant role in healing. To turn to Allah in our distress and at the same time doing what we can do to improve our health all contribute to our well being.

Unlike the medical pharmaceutical industry where patients go and say, “Give me a pill for my ill.” Then they go back home and eat donuts and coffee for breakfast like they did before. On the other hand, on the natural healing side, the patient has to do his part of healing. This includes cutting out bad dietary practices and substituting them healthy foods, exercises, taking care of themselves emotionally and cutting back on stress.

If you desire to get well again and recover fully from your ailment, make the commitment to get on the journey to healing. Call us for a FREE consultation over the phone, and describe your condition in detail. We will listen to you, and then give you our suggestions.

When you come in for a session, we will do a health evaluation which includes finding the blockages in your body and tracking the path of pain. Then we will give you our recommendations on what level of HijamaHerbs treatment is beneficial for you. And we will also tell you how many sessions you need and what time frame to expect for full recovery.

To schedule an HijamaHerbs appointment or to ask any health questions, call Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email – aminshah@shahclan.net.