“I was suffering with migraine headaches for over 30 years. I have been to many doctors and taken many different prescription drugs. I was even admitted to Boston Medical Hospital for a week under doctor’s care. Unfortunately, these things only provided temporary relief for a few days then the pain returned. I did some research on the Internet and found HijamaHerbs, and I called to schedule an appointment. Amin Shah skillfully performed cupping on my head, after which I felt the intensity of pain go down from a scale of 10 to 5. I was very happy.”
Mohammed Ali, Melrose, MA

“About 3½ years ago, I had a Stroke that resulted in me losing sensations on my right hand and right leg. I become wheelchair bound. I went to many doctors and chiropractors but to no avail. None of their medications and physical therapies brought any help. I then found HijamaHerbs phamplet in my masjid. After my first HijamaHerbs session, I was feeling a whole lot better. After Ramadan, I went for my second HijamaHerbs session. When Amin Shah performed cupping in my legs, he mentioned “your legs are changing color”. I looked at my feet and they had changed from pale white to normal reddish color. I also began to regain sensations on my right feet. This is amazing.”
Magdy Hassanen, Worcester, MA

“I was suffering from severe back pain and knee pain. My cousin told me about HijamaHerbs, so I called and made an appointment. I could barely make it up the stairs. Sis Nusrat performed Hijama on me caringly. After the Hijama, the pain in my legs had diminished substantially. I was able to walk down the stairs without much pain, Alhamdullillah.”
Khatijah Abdullah, Roxbury, MA

“I was suffering from severe stress and anxiety, I couldn’t sleep normally, nightmares, fear, insecurity, insomnia were my nemesis during the night. I was looking for therapist in cupping, around Methuen MA Area, I found a lot actually, but none of them was Muslim. 3 days ago I found Bro Amine Shah he performed a Hijama on my back, in a Pure Islamic Spirituality. I felt good right away, my stress is gone, that day was the first day I slept in peace since a year (Believe me Brothers I use to sleep with Sourat Al Baqara). My life changed, I am Happy man. Thanks Brother Amin Shah Again…I see you soon Inchaalah.”
Raouf Hiahemzizou. Methuen, MA